Pacific experts share insights on genuine engagement with men to shift social norms

Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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On 28 November 2023, WLI hosted a special Learning & Networking event exploring how men and women in the Pacific can work together to shift social norms around gender and women’s leadership to realise more equal and inclusive societies.

Bringing together Pacific gender activists, male allies and WLI alumni for an expert panel discussion and interactive Q&A, the online event built on research undertaken by WLI on effective approaches to engaging men in support of women’s leadership in the Pacific.  

The research found that efforts to promote gender equality and empower women need to engage more intentionally with men to ensure they are part of the solution, among other findings.  

The event panellists included:

Reflecting on their own experiences, panellists shared insights about what works to engage men in more critical discussions about gender, challenges of engaging men in different Pacific contexts and how Pacific values can be harnessed in support of gender equality.

They key insights shared by panellists and attendees are featured below and informed by the research and their experiences in the Pacific women’s and Christian feminist movements and in their professional spheres.


At an individual level, panellists reflected that men in the Pacific may be resistant to efforts to engage them in support of women’s leadership because:

At a program-level:


Harnessing positive culture to promote gender equality

Effective communication: concepts and language

Holding men to account for gender-based violence


More information

Download the Research Paper that informed this event or listen to the recording.

Download the Research Paper