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About LeadershipConnect

LeadershipConnect is a six-month, tailored program of leadership learning, networking and support for Australia Awards scholars and alumni of all genders from the Pacific.

Developed and delivered by WLI in partnership with La Trobe University’s Centre for Human Security and Social Change (CHSSC) and The Asia Foundation (TAF) Pacific Islands, it brings together a selection of the most popular content, guest speakers and opportunities from WLI's prestigious Women’s Developmental Leadership Program.

The program builds leadership skills, knowledge and networks from the comfort and safety of your home or workplace. While most program participation takes place online, LeadershipConnect provides opportunities for face-to-face interaction through in-country events.

Participants also have a chance to apply for study tours or internships in your chosen leadership area anywhere in the Pacific, including Australia.

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LeadershipConnect Offerings

Weekly Online Sessions

Connect and reflect with fellow participants, learn key leadership lessons, and hear leading guest speakers discuss topics such as Pacific regionalism, political participation, and climate change.

One Face-to-face Session

Join an in-person leadership learning and discussion session facilitated by fellow LeadershipConnect participants in your local area.

Apply for an Internship

Have your chance to apply for a WLI-supported study tour or internship in your chosen leadership area anywhere in the Pacific, including Australia.

Leaders Hub Access

Access WLI's dedicated online networking and information sharing platform to connect with other participants and alumni, WLI staff, and key resources and information.

Confidential Counselling

Each month, access up to three hours of confidential (one-on-one) psychosocial counselling for additional advice and support - available year-round, and during challenging times.

Year-round Events

Learn about key leadership issues in the Pacific from some of the region’s most notable leaders, policy makers and practitioners at WLI Learning & Networking events.