Workplace Internships

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WLI participants and alumni can apply to undertake work experience with an Australian or Pacific organisation or participate in a professional development opportunity.

Women’s Developmental Leadership Program (WDLP) participants and select LeadershipConnect participants can apply to undertake a workplace internship or professional development opportunity to enhance leadership capacity.

Taking a range of forms depending on the location, interests, and resources of the participant, these experiences develop leadership and professional skills and forge lasting relationships and networks.

All internship proposals demonstrate a clear benefit to the participant, the participating organisation and the Pacific region, whilst not taking the place of, or resembling, formal employment.

Alumni participating in these opportunities often describe them as one of if not the most influential experiences of their WLI journey.

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Euodia Mosoro (PNG)

Euodia completed a workplace internship at the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine - International Development (NSW, Australia and PNG) for six months.

Nanise Kabakoro (Fiji)

Nanise completed a workplace internship at Golders Associates (SA, Australia) for two weeks in July 2020 and Cardno International Development's Physical Infrastructure Team (QLD, Australia) for three weeks.

Vasiti Soko (Fiji)

Vasiti completed a workplace internship at Geoscience Australia (NSW, Australia) for two weeks.

Laisani Macedru (Fiji)

Laisani completed a workplace internship at the Pacific Legal Network Lawyers and Macpherson Kelley (NSW, Australia) for two weeks.

Karen Anawe (PNG)

Karen completed a workplace internship at The Nature Conservancy (QLD, Australia) for two weeks.

Lavinia ToVue (PNG)

Lavinia completed a workplace internship at the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) in Canberra, Australia for four weeks.

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