Sinead Kado

Cohort 2
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Sinead Kado

Master of Health Professional Education
University of Western Australia, WA

Sinead recently was awarded a Master’s of Health Professional Education at the University of Western Australia. She has a strong medical background, having worked as a medical officer and conducted medical training for the past twenty years.

Sinead has worked with the Pacific Clinical Organisations for Internal Medicine, Mental Health, Paediatrics, Surgery, Oral Health, and Anaesthetics to develop a Continuing Professional Development program, which was endorsed at their respective annual general meetings and accepted by the Fiji Medical and Dental Council. She also assisted these organisations to become registered in Fiji, which has enabled them to offer support to specialists around the region.

Sinead intends to advocate for the Fijian government to allow women medical practitioners to have more flexible working hours and she would like to mentor younger women in a male-dominated society to listen and act in their best interests.

Sinead also has a BSc in Psychology and Basic Medical Sciences, as a well as a diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.