WLI launches new Ontological Leadership Coach Training program with kick-off in Fiji

Saturday, June 15, 2024
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WLI has launched a new nine-month ontological leadership coach training program to increase the number of highly-skilled, contextually-aware leadership coaches in the Pacific region.  

Commencing in May 2024, the nine-month hybrid online and in-person WLI Ontological Leadership Coach Training program is delivered through one five-day residential intensive conference and a series of online zoom sessions taking place until February 2025.

About the WLI Ontological Leadership Coach Training program

The program was initiated in response to consecutive reports by WLI alumni noting ontological leadership coaching as one of the most powerful tools in their personal, professional and leadership development.

Available to selected WLI alumni and Pacific-based leadership coaches, the program is delivered by globally-renowned trainer Alan Sieler with support from WLI Ontological Leadership Coach and Facilitator Tony Liston.  

Kicking off the residential leadership coaching conference in Sigatoka, Fiji

In May 2024, participants came together in Sigatoka, Fiji, for a five-day intensive conference in which they were introduced to their trainers, each other, and conceptual and practical ontological foundations and practices.  

Following the conference, participants will continue to work by themselves and in collaboration with each other to complete a range of exercises and assessments over the next nine months.  

They will also be required to deliver public sessions on the ontological distinctions they learn and coach others inside and outside the program to demonstrate their learning and competence.

Upon successful completion of the program, coaches will have a comprehensive grounding in ontological leadership concepts and be able to incorporate these into their own culturally-contextual coaching practice.

Stay tuned for more information on the WLI Ontological Leadership Coach Training program.  

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