Luanne Isikel Borle completes renovations to launch New Ireland Province’s first e-library

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
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In an effort to bridge a gap in digital access to resources for Papua New Guinean (PNG) learners in remote communities, Women’s Developmental Leadership Program alumna Luanne Isikel Borle has launched a first-of-its-kind eLibrary in New Ireland Province.  

Through the WLI Leadership Fund, the ‘Ben Isikel E-Library' initiative (named after Luanne’s late father) now supports learners, teachers, and the wider community by increasing access to digital technology and resources.  

Lemeris Primary School is the first educational institution in the province to benefit from the initiative, including through access to laptop computers, a newly-renovated e-library room, servers, and teacher training to improve digital literacy, navigate the new learning platform, and boost leadership skills.

Launching the eLibrary initiative at Lemeris Primary School  

While on Award in Australia, Luanne earned her Master of Information Technology at the University of Canberra and joined the WLI Women’s Developmental Leadership Program with the intention of making positive change in her community.  

Passionate about using IT as a tool for social change, Luanne explained that the eLibrary initiative worked towards a range of positive outcomes, including to bridge the digital divide, enhance the classroom learning environment, improve teaching methods, promote computer literacy, and inspire future initiatives.

“This project is a significant step towards bridging the digital divide and improving education and access to information in the region, especially for remote schools,” Luanne explains.

Through the initiative, Luanne delivered 20 laptops, including the RACHEL server for the e-library platform, to Lemeris Primary School and trained more than 10 teachers on the basics of using the E-library RACHEL, computer literacy, and leadership training.  

Renovation works were also undertaken to transform an old classroom into the new e-library facility through the project.  

[Image: Preparing eLibrary signage. Supplied by Luanne Borle]

Supporting the department of education and inspiring neighbouring communities

The eLibrary initiative also aims to support the education department of New Ireland Province by offering students a gateway to a vast repository of educational materials.

At the same time, educators are empowered to elevate their teaching methods by seamlessly integrating digital resources into their curricula.

“The excitement among the teachers was palpable, and they valued the learning experience,” Luanne explains.

Luanne hopes that the initiative may serve as a model for future e-learning initiatives – particularly in remote areas.


Alumni of the Women’s Developmental Leadership Program like Luanne can apply to access funding to deliver real-world leadership initiatives through the WLI Leadership Fund.

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